CMM - production and sale of agricultural production
Производство и продажба на селскостопанска продукция

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Wheat - 3 000 ha of wheat with high gluten content varieties - Sadovo 1; Aglika, Enola;

Barley - 1 000 ha of malting barley variety Emona;

Corn - 500 acres of forage corn

Sunflower - 1 000 ha of oil-bearing sunflower variety Aytan

Rape - new crop

Wine grapes - 500 acres of varieties Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pamid, Rkatsiteli;

Table grapes - 150 new acres under SAPARD with French material with Hambugski, Italy and Sultanina grape varieties

Plums - 110 ha of newly created under SAPARD - variety Stenley organic production

Cherries - 70 ha of old plantations and 50 ha under SAPARD new varieties of Bigaro-Byurla, Bing, Van - organic production.

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