CMM, Bulgaria - production and sale of table grapes
Производство и продажба на селскостопанска продукция

In 2007 SMM Ltd. created 150 acres of vineyards dessert varieties Hamburg Misket, Italy and Sultanina under SAPARD

Hamburg is a large black grape medium maturing / 2-3 week of September / relatively big cluster, with medium to large grains and sugar in the technological maturity of 17%.

Italy is a large late maturing white variety grapes / end of September, beginning of October / with large and very large clusters of large grains with oblong convex sides and 18% sugar

Sultanina is white, large, without seed, medium maturing variety / mid September / relatively big cluster, the average large grain - long with convex sides and sugar 16.8-23.9%

Harvest is expected already in 2009.

десертно грозде  десертно грозде  десертно грозде

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